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Get life-changing knowledge and contacts to help you achieve your goals.

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What can you expect
from the course?

 Qandor Property Academy is ideal for you if you're looking for an Accelerator Program to support you with:

Practical Training & Support

Weekly support calls to answer all your questions live and a comprehensive reference library of professionally produced, concisely chronicled material, split into logical sections and chapters.

& Connections

Get introduced and make proper connections. Harness the power of our Property Club and grow your network. Our consultants are here to support you and your deals.

Quality People
to Partner with

The Qandor Property Academy is more than just training. It’s a vetted and highly trusted network of like-minded people doing deals together, the right way! 

Lex Bell

"This course feels much like a master’s degree in refined, quality educational content that teaches property from the ground up in the right way.”

Kyri Androu

"The content is very in-depth and has given us a great understanding of how we should develop our processes to build our property portfolio.”

Kamil Asaad

“I've done property training in the past but this is on another level. The content in one module made me realise a deal was wrong, despite looking good on paper"

Tina Patel

“A fun collaborative group of people that support each other in the world of property to get real deals done"

Emma Stubbings

“Qandor has provided me with an instant network of amazing contacts to help grow my business.”

Dr John Friis

“Joining was one of the best business decisions I have ever made”

Get life-changing knowledge and contacts  


The UK Property market is worth trillions of pounds - the most successful people in the world use property to save and build their wealth. But everyone needs to start somewhere, which is why we're launching our Accelerator Program, consisting of 10 chapters, 36 video modules in total, with all the cheat sheets, notes and downloads to help you learn as fast as you possibly can.

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