A New Emergence | Holly Gannon

Apr 25, 2022

As we emerge into brighter seasons, longer days and sunshine, we begin to challenge our environments. We ‘spring’ clean spaces, refresh colours and bring the outside in; we attempt to eke out every ounce of the summer, which broadens our horizons.

As designers, we anticipate this seasonally and so create schemes that ignite inspiration to carry our clients throughout the years. However, it appears this year is shaping up differently for our client base of high-net-worth individuals. Following such a long period without transformation in their homes throughout ongoing lockdowns, designers across our industry have been able to supercharge the experience within interiors to exceed expectations.

Throughout 2022 we anticipate that interiors will encompass more sustainable products but will also be bolder than in years we have seen previously. This is showcased best in London’s hospitality industry, where new hotels and spaces to dine are emerging; even iconic restaurants such as Sketch and hotel Claridge’s have been completely refurbished to create a sense of excitement. Therefore it’s only fitting that the spaces such clientele reside in are just as innovative and emotive.

Whether it’s a quiet place of sanctuary they call home or a pierre de tierre full of life in the city, Milc are working to create interiors that reflect each of our clients’ personalities and refreshed requirements following such an extended period at home.

In Milc’s latest show apartment for boutique development 101 Cleveland Street, the design transforms the space to create an eclectic haven, where every surface and detail tells a rich story; in doing so the apartment effortlessly links to its trendy Fitzrovia location with subtle odes to its historical roots.

Plush finishes, objets d’art and a combination of dried and fresh flowers embody the spirit of our 2022 trend, emergence. Venturing into this design, Milc aimed to create a space of discovery, offering users an escape into a world of colour, texture and pattern.

The reception area is grounded by an oversized sideboard with black and gold finishes, juxtaposed with a light organic rug and leaning artwork to give an effortless finish. The upholstery includes soft boucle textures and a low-level pastel-coloured sofa. Hints of red, pink and teal come through the accessories and styling, which add depth and contrast to the space. Ambient lighting flows through the space from a series of pendant lights and a stem floor lamp.

In the dining area, created as a transition space, the design features neutral tones that are used to balance the emerald green kitchen bar stools and colour tones in the reception area. Metallic finishes play a key role in balancing the design to give a more industrial finish and enhance the multifaceted design.  

The principal bedroom has a soft shell pink feature headboard that changes in light due to the subtle shine in the fabric. The space includes more classic period tones of light blue combined with contemporary lighting, creating a myriad of layers within the space. Our team challenged the feminine colour palette with edgier accessories and headboard detailing to add versatility to the space.

Milc work with clients to develop designs that exceed their expectations and deliver a seamless service. If you have an upcoming project that you are seeking design advice for, please visit [email protected] or call us on +44 (0) 20 7700 1523.