Bucking the trend for demure home cinema rooms, Matteo Bianchi Studio has recently created a playful, design-led cinema space at a Fulham residence. 

Located in the basement of the large, four-floor mansion house, the previously damp and disused space has become a communal area for fun, entertainment and family interaction. The lively yet sophisticated décor, which inspired the design throughout the rest of the house, is aptly named ‘The Magic Room’. 

The cinema room is accessed through the ‘magic’ corridor, a dramatic walkway that uses distorted mirrors to create a fun atmosphere. Matteo Bianchi’s spectacular Baffo Spotlight is positioned in the middle of the corridor, adding to the uniqueness.  

A sumptuous L-shaped sofa and oversized curtains create a comfortable environment for relaxing and socialising. The wooden wall is home to a neon cinema sign, adding a splash of colour, light and joyfulness to the space.  

Kept intentionally playful and flexible, the space allows the family to take full advantage of the natural light flooding in from the deliberately oversized skylight. The clients regularly use the bright space for yoga and meditation sessions.  

The creation of the cinema room was part of a much larger interior design transformation that included a complete redesign of four teenage bedrooms, a master bedroom and the entrance lobby.  

Commenting on the project, Matteo Bianchi, Founder of Matteo Bianchi Studio, said, “This beautiful family home holds so many surprises, and the inviting and luxurious cinema room is one of the best. From a damp and dingy basement to a magical space where precious family time can be enjoyed, the cinema room delighted the client beyond any expectations.  

“Cinema rooms are always wonderful, but sometimes they can be rather muted. The creative freedom we had in this project allowed us to create such a special, design-led space that brings together colour, playfulness and decadence.”